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Obaidullah Baig: an ideal


I WAS shocked when I heard the news that Obaidullah Baig had passed away.

Having a keen interest in Urdu literature, I have always thought of Obaidullah Baig as an ideal.

It was two years ago in the auditions of a show called ‘Karo Mumkin’ when I was fortunate enough to meet him.

He was a man who distributed his knowledge to those who asked. He gave us precious gems in the form of advices that will guide us in the journey of our lives.

Baig had wisdom that soared the skies but he kept his feet firmly grounded.

I once discussed his famous TV show ‘Kasauti’ with him. When asked, why he would not start the show again, he unhappily replied, “It is glamour everywhere nowadays. People want glamour. Straightforward shows are just not preferred.”