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NWFP govt bans Lal Masjid cleric’s entry in province

PESHAWAR: The NWFP government has imposed a ban on the entry of Lal Masjid prayer leader Abdul Aziz for a period of one month under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance 1960 on Thursday, sources said.

An official told Daily Times that the government made the decision to safeguard public order in Hazara division. A cleric from Haripur had invited Aziz as a chief guest at the dastar bandi (convocation) of his madrassa and asked the government for permission, upon which the authorities banned his entry into the province.

An official said that Aziz was stopped from entering the province under sections 5(1) and (c) of the Ordinance of 1960 for a period of one month. Aziz may, however, file an appeal against this decision with the government, he added.

He said his entry was banned to stop Aziz from making inflammatory speeches or indulging in activities prejudiced to public safety and maintenance of good order in the NWFP. “His speeches, presence and activities may pose a threat to the peaceful atmosphere of the Hazara division, thus disturbing the law and order situation,” the official added.

Source: Daily Times