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Need for greater women role urged

KARACHI-There is a strong need to change the mind set of the people to increase the contributfon of women in the develop­ment of the society.

This was stated by the participants of the workshop on Gender Equality and Planning, Mortitoring & Evaluation Systems, organised here at a local hotel. The workshop is bein organised by the Aga Khan Foundation by means of the Social Institutions Development Programme (SIDP) funded through CanadianIntemational Developmerit Agency (CIDA), from December 15-17 in Karachi.

About 25 practitioners from all over the country involved in planning, performance assessment and gender analysis from a range of Civil Society Organisations (CS0s) working on education, health, rural development, microfinance and human resource development sectors are participating in the workshop.

Developing effective Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (PMES) is critical for objective assessment of development programmes. Gender as an analytical category cuts across all development issues and strategies hence needs to be assimilated in all institutional systems and processes. Integrating gender perspective in PMES is imporfant to enhance the organisational performance and add value to the programme outcomes.

Building knowledge and human resources of Civil Society Organisations (CS0s) is essential to enhance their gender aware capability and thereby promote gender equality.

While discussing the subject participants pointed out that according to different studies only lpc women are counted in the agriculture sector, whereas, most of the women in rural areas are contributing in the agriculture sector beside performing their domestic res.

Similarly, at the planning level, planners does not consider women needs and interests, thus develop projects that are not suc­cessful and does not give us the results as expected and women, those comprises half the population are not benefited tvough such planning.

They also emphasised that the development planners at government level and social development level should include women’s development goals in their planning and implementation agenda in order to achieve the set targets.
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