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Nawaz’s guard jailed in UK

LONDON, March 3: A man who described himself in the court as bodyguard of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been jailed in UK on charges of rape.

The High Court in Glasgow sentenced Ghulam Abbas, a 37-year old former elite cop, to eight years in prison for raping a 21 year old woman on March 17 last year.

Announcing the sentence, Judge Rita Rae said: “You obviously are an intelligent man. You got her into your flat on the pretence of helping her, gave her more alcohol then raped her when she was in no position to resist. You also kept her in your flat against her will.”

The Judge also placed Ghulam Abbas on the sex offenders list with a recommendation that he should be deported.

Ghulam Abbas, who is an illegal immigrant in UK, told the court that he had been a personal bodyguard of former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
Source: Dawn