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Natural disasters and us


So far, Hurricane Sandy has killed 14 people in the US’ East Coast area. Millions have been left stranded without power, huddled indoors while the storm of the century rages on. This is, without a doubt, the biggest natural catastrophe to have hit the US in more than three decades. President Obama has declared that Hurricane Sandy has triggered a “major disaster” in New York and New Jersey and has freed up federal aid to reach the people who need it most. The US natural disaster management agencies are regularly issuing warnings and storm updates so that the people know exactly where they stand. So far, there has been relative calm and abidance to rules.

Such instances remind us that, in Pakistan, we are destined to be left at the whims and fancies of Mother Nature without our authorities bothering much about us. There are hardly ever any management plans, no evacuation plans carried out before the disaster has struck and no warnings issued to the hapless citizens. What happens is that we end up at the mercy of nature stranded homeless and as refugees in camps that would makes one’s stomach turn. It is hoped that the measures taken by the US government to ensure the safety of as many citizens as possible are seen by our government authorities also, with these plans of action taken advantage of and learned from.

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