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Hyderabad: Despite the international standards and electronic technology used in making a CNIC, there are black sheep in NADRA who for a quick buck issue fake CNICs. The fake identities may be used for ill purposes, for example, to go abroad, get residence, and get a job. Despite the money and technology that has been poured into modernising NADRA, its performance remains dismal. At NADRA offices at a district level, there is no discipline for providing a hassle-free service. People standing in queues for hours, fall into the trap of agents that have direct links inside NADRA. On payment of Rs 1,000, excluding NADRA’s fees, people can get their work done, without going through the proper process.

However, the NADRA Ordinance 2000 has some sections like Section 31, which states that no court shall take cognizance of any offence on the basis of a police report, unless a complaint is made by the gazetted NADRA officials. Such sections provide clear immunity to the offence from the police and courts. In this regard, such sections must be amended in order to tackle the prevailing corruption within NADRA. NADRA should also take action against its corrupt elements once and for all in order to establish its reputation throughout the country.

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