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NADRA to run Guzara Allowance project

By: Zeeshan Azmat

Karachi: The National Database & Registration Authority (Nadra) has been assigned the task to manage the Guzara Allowance project and distribute cheques among Zakat mustahiqeen (deservers) in Sindh.

“The Sindh Zakat & Ushr Department wanted a secure, transparent and efficient system of disbursing Zakat, which is why they chose Nadra Technologies Ltd (NTL),” a Nadra official said on Wednesday. He said the NTL was given the task keeping in mind the organisation’s vast experience and expertise in biometric authentication and secure database of citizens.

NTL’s e-Sahulat outlets will be used in interior Sindh and Karachi for disbursement of Zakat to beneficiaries registered by the provincial government, he added. The Zakat & Ushr Department has provided the NTL with the complete list of the Guzara Allowance beneficiaries and their eligibility criteria.

The records of the people on the list would be verified against Nadra’s Computerised National Identity Card database and then they would be enrolled for disbursement. “Each beneficiary will receive Zakat through biometric verification, ensuring a fair method of disbursement to the deserving beneficiary,” another Nadra official said.

She said the e-Sahulat outlets were prepared to disburse cash on behalf of any government or corporate entity. Regarding the Guzara Allowance project, she said the project had been divided into two phases: enrolment and disbursement.

She said, “In the first phase, the Zakat mustahiqeen are enrolled in Nadra’s system and their fingerprints recorded to receive the Benazir Muawanat Card.” Each Zakat mustahiq (deserver) is mobilised through the local district Zakat committees and sent to Nadra’s Registration Centres, where they are enrolled through biometric verification in Nadra’s database, she added.

She said in the second phase, as per the Sindh government’s guidelines, Rs3,000 are distributed to each Zakat mustahiq every six months.

She also said the e-Sahulat franchisees had been trained for the new Guzara Allowance application and fingerprint verification devices that had been installed for secure biometric authentication of every Zakat mustahiq who arrived to get their Zakat. “To ensure strict control, each e-Sahulat location will be supervised by a dedicated e-Sahulat compliance executive with complete coordination of the local district Zakat officers,” she added.

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