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Nadra to give new identity to children

By: Mumtaz Alvi

ISLAMABAD: The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) is nearing completion of consultations with stakeholders to push for legislation on a rare registration of those having a question mark over their parentage.

Nadra Deputy Chairman Tariq Malik has conceived the idea of giving authentic and honourable identity to those who have lost their parents in early age, mostly in the wake of floods, earthquake or accidents.

Consultations have already been held with several non-governmental entities such as the SOS and Islamic Relief and now Nadra awaits return of Abdul Sattar Edhi to get his feedback on the proposal, as his “shelters” house hundreds of children, who simply don’t know who their parents are.

Tariq Malik said in principle it had been decided that the name of father of a boy or girl, who had no idea of who fathered him or her, would be proposed by the head of SOS or any other orphanage or organisation to be stored in Nadra database.

He contended for the society around him, a boy or a girl’s parentage would remain anonymous but not for Nadra that would preserve the related data take from the relevant institutions to issue him or her ID card when he or she reached the age of 17 years.
Source: The News