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Music event begins as melody reigns supreme

By Peerzada Salman

KARACHI: Heartfelt performances by known classical musicians kicked off a three-day musical event titled `Revival of a Tradition – Ustad Se Shagird` organised by the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) at the Arts Council Karachi on Sunday.

Salamat Ali first appeared on stage accompanied by Mohammad Husain (harmonium) and Ustad Bashir Khan (tabla). He started off with a khayal `Balma mann tosey laagey` and then sang a thumri `Aa jao ab des sajanwa`. The marked feature of his performance was clarity of voice which made words readily understandable, something that often gets lost when classical or semi-classical music is rendered.

The highlight of the evening was Ustad Bashir Khan`s solo on the tabla. He, with Mohammad Husain (tabla), presented a piece in 16 matra, which thrilled the audience who hadn`t assembled in big numbers. His ambidexterity was a treat to watch. While he was playing the instrument, it was only his hands that spoke the language of music while the rest of his body was inert. In the same stint he played 12 and 16 matras with effortless ease.

Then Ustad Salamat Husain came on stage with his bansuri and gave a wonderful exhibition of Raag Madhook played in the Kalyan Thaat. With Usatd Bashir Khan (tabla) alongside him, he used aik taal, jhaptaal and teentaal in the performance with remarkable control over the bansuri. The flute made the audience experience peaks and valleys in the composition, as both instruments went ahead note-for-note. His next act was a popular Sindhi number in Raag pahari, also well-received by the attendees.

Napa`s Head of the Music Department sitar player Ustad Nafees Ahmed gave the last performance of the evening. Again accompanied by none other than Ustad Bashir Khan on stage, he played a very difficult raag called Chandraprabhu. His recital was beautiful and it looked that he was completely immersed in his art. There were palpable effects of melancholy as the ustad touched gentle notes of the raag. The sangat with Bashir Khan added an extra bit of zing to the presentation.

Known music composer Arshad Mehmood conducted the event.
Source: Dawn