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Musharraf sees future of Pak media bright

ISLAMABAD – Reaffirming his commitment for the freedom of press President Pervez Musharraf has said that he believes that the future of media and democracy in Pakistan is bright.

Talking to a delegation of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) at Presidential Camp Office on Saturday, President said that he is a staunch supporter of free media.

The President said that the media has been given much freedom during the last eight years and the present day media is completely different from that of 8 years back.
He said that he accepted the criticism of media against him with an open heart.

He said that today Pakistan’s media is as free as the international media is and such an unprecedented example of press freedom canÂ’t be found in the history of the country.

President Musharraf emphasised when he took over the reigns of the country there was only one channel PTV and that also was state owned, but due to his liberal policies and reforms today there are 60 channels airing in Pakistan. It is now the responsibility of media to act in a responsible way by keeping in line with the national interests and the code of conduct, he stressed. Lauding the role of media in general elections 2008, he appreciated the timely and concisely reporting of electronic as well as print media.

On this occasion, the IFJ General Secretary Aidan White lauded President Musharraf’s role and initiatives in promoting press freedom and emphasised for a national debate on the need for a fresh start for media and democracy in the country to strengthen the ethics and quality of media. He also proposed to establish a National Forum on Media and Democracy by involving the authorities and members of civil society and media. President appreciated this suggestion and assured that he would play his role in holding the dialogue.
Source: The Nation