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Murder of a journalist

The murder of Tariq Malik, a brave journalist, in broad daylight speaks volumes about the lawlessness prevailing in the city of Lahore in general and Punjab in particular.
This tragic incidence is not an appropriate occasion to settle political scores, but one cannot refrain from protesting against the behaviour and callousness of the current government. Mass scale changes in the police hierarchy just for political whims has made this institution totally ineffective and inefficient.
Earlier, Shabaz Sharif had launched a widespread move against diehard criminals and gangsters and a lot of criminals were brought to book and even killed through encounters. The previous government had a clear manifesto to eradicate crime and was making sincere efforts.
Eversince, no encounter has taken place. The outlaws who attacked the Sri Lankan team vanished from the crime scene despite the presence of a huge number of policemen and no one could be arrested or gunned down. The agencies are yet clueless about this shameful count. This government does not care for the lives and belongings of the people.
The criminals and outlaws are depriving people of their valuables and their lives on resistance. The rule of law is seen nowhere.
The police is so inefficient and corrupt that it seems to be involved itself in crimes. Recently 11 cops have been arrested due to their alleged involvement in dacoities and their crime count exceeds one hundred. The police officers who were suspended previously due to their involvement in crime and corrupt practices have also been restored and posted at lucrative positions.
The current state of affairs is really shameful for the police high-ups. The people are now at the mercy of dacoits and gangsters. It is worthwhile to note that most of the criminals have been operating for a long time and are not scared of being identified. In most of the cases they have a nexus with the police and have no fear of punishment. In such circumstances, the police does not have the capacity or the strength to protect masses on whose taxes it survives.
The police department only tends to serve the VIPs and politicians. In such circumstances, the situation looks quite bleak for the people and they must make their own arrangements to protect themselves.
The department, particularly that of Punjab, is totally useless for the masses and one should not have any doubt in mind that reliance in any matter on this department is futile. In such circumstances, the Taliban are manoeuvring and taking the place of the existing law enforcers which of course is not a promising sign for any civilised society.
The murder of Tariq is really a great loss for the entire nation. This brave person lost his precious life at the hands of ruthless criminals. Alas, his blood, as it usually happens in this country, will go in vain and the law enforcers will mercilessly term it as his fate.
AHMED NOMAN, Islamabad
Source: Dawn