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Muggers beat up journalist for not carrying valuables

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Karachi: A senior reporter of The News was robbed and beaten up by armed men near Jama Cloth Market on Sunday night.

Fasahat Mohiuddin was heading toward MA Jinnah Road when three armed men on a motorcycle came to him and pointed a pistol at him. They told him to open the bag he was carrying but slapped him when they did not find a laptop inside.

The muggers said they had followed him after seeing the laptop bag. Then they asked him to hand over cash and his mobile phone. The reporter was carrying a small amount of cash and only an inexpensive handset.

The robbers again started thrashing the reporter for not having an expensive cellphone and also abused him.

But still the armed men made off with the mobile phone and cash.

The incident took place in the Arambagh police precincts. Muggings and armed robberies are a daily routine in the area near the Jang offices.

Several journalists have been robbed of valuables in recent months but the police remain unmoved despite repeated requests for more security.

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