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MRC should retract statement, says PFUJ

KARACHI: The recent press release issued by the Mohajir Rabita Council (MRC), which named some journalists and columnists as chauvinists, was unacceptable, said the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) that has appealed to media groups and demanded that immediate safety and security measures be taken for all journalists working in the print and electronic media.

In a statement issued Thursday, the association urged the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to use its influence on organizations such as the MRC and ask them to withdraw the press release, since it will not only create insecurity among journalists, but would also harm the democratic culture and freedom of expression in Pakistan.

The PFUJ welcomed the fact that the MQM had disassociated itself from the MRC, but in the interest of the freedom of expression, such a letter should not only be withdrawn, but should not be repeated in future, the association said. “If the MRC or any other group has any complaint against any journalist, columnist or media group, they can always take legal action or ask their supporters to not read those newspapers or magazines or watch those TV channels. Using pressure would only harm their credibility,” the PFUJ said.

Everyone has a right to dissent, but they should also respect dissent. All those who believe in the freedom of the press, freedom of expression and democratic culture, should also have tolerance.

The PFUJ appealed to political parties, pressure groups, and government agencies to respect the freedom of the press, because the journalists community would not bow down to any threat.
Source: Daily Times