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MQM criticises media for ‘negative propaganda’

Karachi: The MQM coordination committee said on Friday that the recent negative propaganda was an attempt to tarnish the image of the party.

In a statement issued by the Rabita Committee from London, the party accused certain elements in the media of writing baseless and unfounded stories on the MQM. The statement added that official agencies had rejected stories against the party that were shown on certain TV channels.

The Rabita Committee added that freedom of expression is the right of every citizen, but it disagreed with the character assassination of a political party that had the mandate of millions in the country.

It also demanded answers for over 80 of the party’s activists that were killed in recent times and also called for the report of the Joint Interrogation Team about the Shershah scrap market massacre to be made public.

The statement said that the MQM is a peace-loving party that has always stood against criminal activities. The party also demanded stern action against the people involved in the killings of its activists, no matter which political party they belonged to.

Speaking to The News from London, Mustafa Azizabadi urged the media to be fair when it comes to criticising the MQM.
Source: The News