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Most significant public gathering ignored by media

A most significant and critical public gathering on Sunday, the 13th May, was held in Korangi Township Karachi, under ‘Mohajir Suba Tehreek’, that was largely ignored by both the print and electronic media, except two private TV channels. The driving force behind this movement was identified as one Zahid Hussain who made a telephonic address to a very large gathering from Dubai.

What was significant about this public gathering was that the participants of the meeting mostly belonged to middle and lower middle class, carrying hand-written placards, demanding a separate province for the Urdu-speaking people who are in excess of 35 percent population of Sindh. The participation of the supporters of the Mohajir Suba Tehreek was voluntary, without coercion and seemed to be unfunded by the organisers. It was amazingly spontaneous and energetic.

One is really surprised for the media to take this large public gathering and start of a significant movement for the division of Sindh so lightly for it has far-reaching consequences and ramifications for the country in general and for Sindh in particular. An issue, as crucial, such as the demand for a separate province, can and should not be ignored and swept under the carpet, for it is not going to go away.

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