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More cellular service blackouts

By Danish

The authorities have made a regular habit of shutting down all cellular phone services whenever a major event or holiday comes up in the country. It is mighty inconvenient to have to bear this so often. We are completely cut off from loved ones and friends, we cannot make plans on how to spend the day off, we cannot even contact emergency services.

This is unfair. A one-off blockage is still tolerable but for the government to block this much needed service every other holiday is for the powers that be to take an ostrich-with-its-head-in-the-sand approach. I do not think this is something they can do for much longer now. They need to come up with more long-lasting, effective measures to curb the terror threat.

If they are doing it because of the terror threat, I am sure the terrorists have understood this attempt to ‘foil’ their plans. Anticipating this blockage, they would have found some other way to carry out their nefarious plans.


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