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Islamabad: Media plays an important role in the formation of a society but unfortunately, today it is constantly playing with our thoughts and reasoning. Crime-related programmes are aired daily on almost all news channels. The re-enacted scenes of outrageous violence leave negative impressions on young and immature minds. These programmes show how murder plans are made and executed and at times, they also show ways to get away with the crime. When we allow such programmes to go on air, how can we expect not to see negativities and restlessness in our youth? Already aggression and domestic violence has become a common practice in our society; on the other hand, cruelty by teachers has resulted in making children lose interest in their studies.

Recently, we have observed a rising trend of suicide in young students. Parents and teachers need to be watchful as there are always alarming signs before any young student starts thinking of suicide. There are changes in attitude and behaviour. Either the child asks for more attention or withdraws. He may talk too much, seeking importance, or try to isolate himself from daily activities. Most of the time, he remains fearful.

This issue needs to be addressed as a priority. Parents should talk, listen and take interest in the activities of their children, thus lowering the risk of negative feelings. If there is an indication that something is wrong, take prompt action. Under any such circumstances, never leave the child alone. Give him assurance that you are there to understand and try to create awareness about bullying and child abuse. Teachers need to be apprised of emotional issues related to them. A parent-teacher meeting on a regular basis is necessary. To encourage children to confide in their teachers helps a great deal.

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