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Mobile App designed for emergency contact

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Islamabad – Mohafiz, a lifesaving mobile application designed by a local Pakistani software company in wake of Army Public School Peshawar attack, allows its users to broadcast life-threatening situation to nominated emergency contacts through SMS.

In a world where emergency services are too few and overburdened to effectively deal with the ever growing nature and number of emergencies that we face, time is critical and humanity can only really look at one another to provide mutual support in their hour of need. This is where Mohafiz fits in the picture, says Fahd Mahmood Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Humanetek, the software firm.

Whenever a person finds oneself in a life-threatening emergency, such as being robbed at home or outside, a terrorist incident, a medical emergency or a car accident, they can use the Mohafiz App to alert their dependable loved ones and government appointed first responders of the danger that is being faced by them.

“When you download Mohafiz, it asks you to enter your phone number so that it verifies you as a genuine user by supplying you with a code through SMS,” he explained. “Once you enter the code, the app will start working. Next it allows you to enter your personal life saving information specifically asking you for your name, gender, city and blood group. There is an option to also supply information on any existing medical condition that you may be living with such as high BP, diabetes, cancer etc.”

“It then asks you to nominate minimum 2 and maximum 7 in case of emergency (ICE) contacts by selecting their numbers from your contacts list. As soon as this is done, an SMS is sent to these ICE contacts that they have been nominated by you to provide assistance in your state of emergency.

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