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Moammar suggests banning Indian TV channels

By: Ghulam Hussain

Lollywood’s superstar Moammar Rana in an exclusive interview with Daily Times said, “There is a complete ban on Indian TV channels in my home. None of my family members like watching Indian TV channels.”

He also informed us that no Pakistani channel is allowed to go on air in India. He said, “Indians are so prejudiced that they themselves will never choose to watch any Pakistani TV channel.” Hence, he questioned that “why should we Pakistanis watch Indian channels?”

Moreover in his interview he expressed his views that “we Pakistanis can never become a single nation, we unite only when there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan and it is because of this lack of unity that our nation is not making any significant progress. Hence, we are rendered incapable of competing with other nations of the world”.

In the interview, Moammar Rana also talked about his character, Pari Packer in the popular TV serial ‘Love Life Lahore’, saying, “This role of Pari Packer had been written for me at the time the serial was launched. Unfortunately we came across some problem regarding my terms and conditions for work.”

He continued, “God knows what happened between Sami Khan and the drama producer that they approached me after the 165th episode. The writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar and producer Rao Qurban had come to my house and convinced me for taking up the role of Pari Packer. They said that I would really enjoy doing this role that is why I decided to finally accept this role.”

Momi (Moammar Rana) expressed that he was elated that he was able to successfully perform the role of Pari Packer and that he was grateful that his role was appreciated by the masses.

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