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Minority report

By: S M Anwar

The News has done well by printing an elaborate editorial on the plight of a minor Christian girl who has been accused of burning religious texts (Minority report, Aug 23). I am sure the poor girl could not read Arabic let alone understand what was written on the pages she was allegedly holding. But the so-called guardians of Islam appear determined to avenge on the girl to uphold the dignity and sanctity of Islam. The incident which came in the wake of cold-blooded murder of Shias in Gilgit is another abhorrent example of the lowest depth to which Pakistan is sinking.

For years our religious and political leaders have been promoting and strengthening the idea that Pakistan was created on the basis of religion. We will only go down and down unless we honestly accept and implement wholeheartedly the Quaid’s speech of August 11, 1947.

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