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Minister’s resignation

Rarely does a cabinet minister in Pakistan resign from the post of a minister but during the judicial crisis, the former information minister Sherry Rehman resigned from her ministry, because of the unjustified ban imposed on one of private TV channels without taking her into confidence. She had been a strong supporter of a free media during the previous military rule in Pakistan.

During Musharraf’s tailored democracy and the out-spoken and seasonal politician Sheikh Rashid was the Federal minister of Railways, a train accident occurred in Sindh Province and took hundred of lives of the innocent travellers. One of the journalists had asked, “why doesn’t the minister take responsibility of the mishap and resign from his ministry”.

His blunt answer was, “I am the minister of the Railways not the driver”. Such has been the custom in our country.

The courageous and bold step taken by Sherry Rehman should be appreciated by every democratic citizen of our country.

This resignation opens a new era of politics where a minister took a decision according to their conscience.

Our democratic Government should request her to rejoin the cabinet and the PPP leaders should remove all the non-democratic elements that are destroying the image of the country.

They should invite political activists like Sherry Rehman again to the federal cabinet.
Source: Dawn