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Meeting on women rights

LAHORE: The Regional Directorate of Human Rights held a meeting with the NGOs, working on the women rights for a general discussion regarding future cooperation on mutual interests.

Mumtaz Mughal from Aurat Foundation, Fauzia Waqar from Shirkatgah and Ilahi Rehmat and Rukhsana from APWA attended the meeting. The Regional Director Lubna Mansoor welcomed the guests and gave an introductory speech on the human rights.

The main focus of the meeting was to formulate a strategy to redress the victims of women rights violation. Fauzia stressed that provincial committee on women in distress is to be activated at the earliest, whereas Mumtaz Khawar emphasised that a services directory containing the addresses as well as contact numbers of all institution/ NGOs working to safeguard the basic rights of the people at large was to be published and distributed among the general public for information.

It is decided to celebrate women day (national and international) with mutual cooperation and collaboration to get more promising results.

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