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Media`s true role

A FEW days back, when I tuned to a local TV channel, a talk show got my attention, in which a TV anchor and a ‘Mufti Sahib’ were having a ‘debate’ with well — known Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Controversies will not be resolved until we try to understand things by ourselves using common sense (which is not common among us).

First of all, one thing needs to be understood here that talent and art has no limited boundaries. An artiste is a global product in any media industry. Being specific, the interesting figure in that TV show was Mufti Sahib, who was condemning Veena’s acts (in an Indian reality show), while claiming that “I haven’t seen your clips personally but have heard from others.”

Mufti Sahib also claimed to be one of Veena’s fans. Amazing!Secondly, an anchor’s job is to bring realities and facts in front of the public and dig out issues instead of analysing things and putting his own views. Let the people use their own analysis regarding various issues so that they will not have the only option to follow the bandwagon.

The media can bring a real revolution if it is directed towards a positive track. Our country is passing through a tumultuous period. We should have courage to face challenges and overcome them.

Gilgit Baltistan
Source: Dawn