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Media urged to stop reporting children suicides

KARACHI – Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh secretary general Rasheed Naseem on Thursday urged the media not to report the incidents of children committing suicide, saying that the suicide of seven-year-old child was a gift of corrupt rulers.

He said that the ‘educated’ corrupt politicians had destroyed the country, adding the present worst situation of the country is result of corrupt secular rulers in the country. Naseem said that this was the first time in the history of the country that the children of six to seven years of age had committed suicide. He alleged that the present corrupt coalition government was responsible of the suicide of these children. He further said that the country was facing the terrible economical and law and order situation adding that the massive loadshedding, poverty and unemployment were destroyed the lives of common people.

Refuting the claims of govt to provide maximum relief to common people in the upcoming budget, he said that the massive increase in commodities and all products have been witnessed before the budget and rulers are misleading the nation about budget. Rasheed Naseem said that Jamaat-e-Islami is serving for the people from last 70 years on all situation adding that the visionary, honest and mature leadership of JI will able to bring out the country from present crises.

Meanwhile, Karachi Commissioner Roshan Ali Shiekh has expressed serious concerns on the increasing cases of suicides among students. He said that this was a point of apprehension not only for parents but also for the whole society. He was talking to a delegation at his office here on Thursday. He further said that parents should keep an eye on sensitive students, and teachers were required not to pressurise them and try their best to solve their problems. Sheikh also mentioned that intense pressure leads to complex among students and this leads to negative effects which triggers the tendency of suicide in their minds. Weak students require proper attention to become successful human beings in the society. He said that parents and teachers must play their pivotal role to eradicate tendency of suicide among the youngsters who are future builders. Meanwhile, tension prevailed in different localities of the metropolis here at the time of burial of Shia men killed on sectarian grounds and buried on Thursday. According to the details, Syed Mehid and his brother-in-law Ahmer Raza were killed in Haryana Colony, Orangi Tonwn on Wednesday. Both residents of Incholi Society, Federal B Area, Block 20 had a shop in Orangi Town where unknown gunmen targeted them. The funeral prayer of both victims offered in Imambargha Khayrulammal and buried in Wadia-e-Hussain graveyard.

Scores of people were participated and chanted slogan against the worst law and order situation and defunct sectarian organization. Markets and shops in Incholi and surrounding areas were remain closed while Shahrah-e-Pakistan have had closed for two hours to avoid any untoward incident. It is pertinent to mention here that sectarian killing remain continued in the city and killing of two workers of defunct Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan couple of days ago also boost up the sectarian violence in the city. SSP leadership have warned government to arrest the culprits involved in the murder of workers and also recovered three missing workers of SSP otherwise SSP will chalked out future party policy.

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