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Media soul searching’


Karachi: IN times when our nascent democratic set-up faces multiple challenges from within, your editorial on ‘Media soul searching’ (July 22) is quite understandable.

There is a need to squarely address the challenges thrown by non- state actors and vested interests, including the black sheep in the legal fraternity. Those who raise pro-CJ slogans — Chief teray jaanisar — look hypocrite when they hurl shoes at judges and beat newsmen and cops at the slightest provocation in court premises.

At a time when the Supreme Court is taking up cases on the recent legislation on contempt of court, besides the NRO, staging protests and boycotts of the court in the name of independence of the judiciary are a great mockery and tend to politically influence the judiciary in its decision- making. Instead the Bars, rising above party politics and their internal professional rivalries, could have helped the Bench much more by raising their voice against selective accountability.