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Media Regulatory Authority within weeks: Anwar

ISLAMABAD- Federal Secretary Information and Media Development Syed Anwar Mahmood said Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority would be in place within weeks.

Addressing the opening ceremony of Induction Training Course for Programme Producers in Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), the Secretary Information said: “draft of the Regulatory Authority is now with the cabinet for approval.”

“As soon as the draft is approved an ordinance would be promulgated to put in place the Authority,” the Secretary Information said.

Around 40 of the total 50 candidates selected amongst 6000 to 7000 candidates for programme producers have joined the 12-week long training course starting here for the newly appointed Programme Producers.

He said after the ordinance is promulgated, many of the private sector organizations would also be in the run that would enhance the competition. “Challenges for you are far greater,” he told the programme producers and added, “Much more is needed to be done to cope with these challenges.”

The Information Secretary said completion of the recruitment process for programme producers was a matter of satisfaction for him as it was carried out in a fair and transparent manner. “Nobody was favored and none of the candidates was debarred from his right.”

None of the ministers in the present government or other influenced any quarters to get their favourites inducted in the PBC and “it is also a matter of pride for those who joined the PBC and for PBC itself,” he added.

Syed Anwar Mahmood said he himself set the paper for test and every thing was kept secret and “I do not think we could have done better than this, as we went by the merit and the merit alone.”

He said the PBC has emerged as a model-broadcasting organization and some of its stations are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and added, “the newly inducted Producers would be imparted training on these state-of-the-art equipment.”

He said present day broadcasting was not like that of the ancient days and asked trainee producers to focus on modern techniques learning with emphasis on current affairs, talk shows and entertainment programmes.

The Secretary Information said PBC was playing its due role in broadcasting a variety of programmes and keeping its listeners abreast of the changing world.

“After introduction of new pay scales, the PBC would further emerge as the most vibrant and progressive medium,” he said adding: “and you (the Trainee Producers) also have a role to play.”

He stressed the need to pay special attention to engaging expert resource persons for imparting training. Anwar Mahmood also announced to send the best trainee abroad for training, saying: “we should have an award for the best trainee. For one of the best amongst colleagues.”

Director General, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Salim Gul Shaikh welcomed the batch to PBC and said, “it is the biggest batch ever inducted since 1987.”

Salim Gul said no career by itself is creative or noncreative as the creativity itself lies with the individuals.

“You are to live with the fastest growing technology,” he said and asked the trainee producers to keep ready to cope with challenges ahead.” He expressed full faith in the capabilities of the newcomers.

He asked the trainees to focus on specialization as they were passing through an age of specialization.
Source: Business Recorder