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IN recent years, from the Arab spring to the havoc in Ukraine, the modus operandi adopted by international powers to weaken a state or to topple a government is to shore up the freedom of expression mantra.

In today’s world, the media and social platforms are used as tools to create anarchy in the state and later to destroy a state from inside.

If we look at the so-called free and fair international media and its coverage of important events, it seems that they toe the government line and seem to censor the other side of the story.

This is where their national interest reigns supreme. But in Pakistan, where every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to know what the national interest is, they decide it for themselves.

The real national interest is always decided by the military and its powerful espionage agencies for they have the facts and the knowledge to make an informed decision.

In Pakistan, media anchors with little knowledge and with little education seem to be Jack of all trades but master of none. This dangerous trend needs some nipping in the bud.

Our so-called champions of democracy and freedom of expression should be taught about the national interest and the Constitution of Pakistan.

Only then can media in the real sense become the fourth pillar of the state. In the current controversy between a single commercial enterprise and a state institution, the Constitution should reign supreme.

Dr Nabeel Manzar