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Media briefed about Pak-South Korea ties

ISLAMABAD: Security checks, flashing of lights and the verification of identity cards were the beginning of the reception held at the South Korean embassy on Thursday night.

The reception was held by South Korean Ambassador Choong-joo Choi for Islamabad-based journalists to educate them on the Pakistan-South Korea relations and share with them the efforts being made for the promotion and strengthening of the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Walking down the rather long driveway you could see sprawling lawns on each side and in the distance a magnificent house with a strong sense of Korean architecture.

They say an embassy is an “actual” piece of the country, so while entering the gate there was a tingling feeling of walking on Korean soil. The ambassador’s residence looked like a house imported straight from Korea – chic architecture and subtle woodwork. “Hello, welcome,” said a Korean diplomat standing in a spacious marble hallway surrounded by tall glass windows overlooking the beautiful lawns. I was escorted to a lavish room where other fellow journalists, decked up in their dinner jackets, ties and polished shoes contrary to their usual rugged looks.

In a room filled with men I was among the only three women there. The night began with a speech by the ambassador talking about the ties between the two countries. He focused on investment and trade opportunities between the two countries. “The one thing that is similar between our two countries is the food. We use the same kind of ingredients and spices,” said the ambassador in a lighter vein.

The food was something everyone was looking forward to and they were not disappointed. A well laid table with silver candelabras surrounded by exquisite cutlery was filled with all sorts of delicious looking food. Guests had a wide variety of dishes to choose from; Yang-Chan (cold seafood), Man-doo (dumplings), Kimchi (cucumber and spinach gravy to name a few)
Source: The Express Tribune