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Media barons behind anti-PPP drive, alleges minister

HYDERABAD: Sindh Fisheries Minister Zahid Ali Bhurgari has said that masses had given mandate for a five year term to PPP government which is not liked by undemocratic forces.

He also blamed certain media barons for targeting PPP unnecessarily so much so that now people are paying no heed to them.

He was speaking at a reception hosted by Hyderabad Press Club in honour of Sindh ministers and government officials in appreciation of their services for journalists regarding allotment of land for them here on Thursday.

Sindh Minister for Agriculture Syed Ali Nawaz Shah, Advocate -General Sindh Yusuf Leghari, President HPC Mahesh Kumar, secretary Hameed ur Rehman, senior journalist Ali Hassan and others also spoke on the occasion.

Bhurgari said that government did no favour to journalists if they were given land as it was their right that they should build homes of their own.

He said that PPP government had inherited several crisis from its predecessor but it was trying to resolve them.

He said that now president Zardari had started visiting various areas in the country but it, too, had become a subject of criticism by vested interests.

He said that president was inaugurating various projects but undemocratic forces were criticising it without any reason.

He maintained that PPP government was given mandate by people for five years as it didn’t form government on the crutches of agencies.

He said that PPP could have formed government alone in Sindh but it was the president who decided to take along every political party for formation of a coalition.

Sindh Minister Ai Nawaz Shah devoted his speech to the love and support he always got from people of Hyderabad although his native place was Mirpurkhas.

AG Sindh said that present government had respected judgements handed down by high and apex courts against the government which reflected it believed in rule of law.

He said that one dozen cases of missing persons were reported in Sindh by media and of them eight persons had been recovered while four are yet to be traced.

Source: Dawn