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Media and Rimsha


Rimsha Masih is the name that is in the news because of the blasphemy case on her. Rimsha Masih was jailed three weeks ago after she was accused of tearing pages from the holy Quran and burning them. Rimsha Masih is a Pakistani Christian who has now been freed and was taken to an undisclosed location by government helicopter from Adiala Jail.

In the recent few week it was told that Rimsha is an 11-year-old mentally challenged girl. Some media reported that Rimsha is 14 years old. A photo of Rimsha was also published in Pakistani newspapers, which was later on revealed on social media that the photo was not of her.

Recently a photo has been released that shows Rimsha being taken to the helicopter from Adiala Jail. The important and simple question that arises is why the media is playing with the issue of age of Rimsha?

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