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Media’s mistake?

HERE is an example, picked from a single day, of how our media are performing their function of ‘informing’ the people.

On the evening of Jan 22, one TV channel purported to quote US Defence Secretary Robert Gates as saying that Blackwater is operating in Pakistan but submitting to Pakistan government’s regulations.

Two other channels quoted the US Embassy denying Mr Gates had admitted Blackwater’s presence.

A third quoted ANP Minister Bilour as saying that Blackwater is in Pakistan, and a fourth quoted the Q.Z. Kaira exclaiming, “when did anyone say that Blackwater is not here!” He forgot that his colleague R. Malik has even offered to resign if it was proved that Blackwater was anywhere in Pakistan. And his offer still stands.

So what is one to make of this rigmarole?

However, Mr Gates (or anybody else) would be technically correct when they deny that ‘Blackwater’ is operating in Pakistan, because Blackwater has since been reborn as ‘Worldwide Xe’. And it is under this title that the contractor is operating wherever he may be.

Source: Dawn