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‘Marriage-sale’ of women concerns high court

PESHAWAR, July 24 2006: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) expressed concern on July 21 over the practice of sailing women to men from other province on the practice of marriage. Chief justice Tariq Pervez made this observation while hearing a bail application of a men, Ahsan ullah Khan, accused of sailing a seventy year old women to a men from Punjab by making him believe that he was purchasing a 16 year old girl for marriage.

The court said that it was the provisional ‘GovernmentsÂ’ responsibility to curve the practice, as several women had moved the court after escaping the custody of their “Husband buyers”, who frequently prostituted them after marriage for income the court said “brutal father’s, uncle’s and even brother’s” had been involved in sailing their daughters and sister’s on the pretext of marriage “there are cases where father’s have sold their daughter’s several times over to criminals for the sake of money”, The court said. Ahsan ullah Khan, A resident of Naushehra, had allegedly sold a 70-years-old women for Rs. 120,000 to Haji Mohammad But from Sarghoda while tracking him into believing that he was purchasing a sixteen year old girl. Bakhsh then returned to Nowshera and lodged a first information report (FIR) against Ihsanullah, who was arrested to May 4. Bakhsh said that he was shown a teenage girl and then tricked into marrying the old woman.

The court approved Ihsanullah’s bail on the grounds that the complainant had lodged the FIR seven months after the incident occurred, while the police had not interrogated the woman involved in the incident either. However, two other men accused along with Ihsanullah were still in custody.
Source: Daily Times