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Marriage dispute leaves man sister in law dead

By Tahir Siddiqui
KARACHI: A 36-year-old man, who had illegally married the 20-year-old sister of his wife, committed suicide after killing the woman he had eloped with at the house of his in-laws in Landhi on Wednesday, witnesses and police said.
The Landhi SP, Syed Zahid Shah, told Dawn that Sohail Ahmed, father of three, had eloped with his sister-in-law, Farzana, daughter of Abdur Rasheed, on Dec 10, 2008, and illegally married her as he had not divorced his wife, Farah Naz, at the time.
He said that Mr Rasheed lodged a case (FIR 12/2009) against his son-in-law under Section 365-B of the Pakistan Penal Code for kidnapping his youngest daughter to compel her to marry him.
He said the couple had obtained a freewill certificate from the court of a justice for peace and solemnised their nikah, which was illegal and against religious injunctions, as he had not divorced his wife.
“He also sent a photocopy of the marriage certificate to the police station when he learnt of the registration of a kidnapping case against him,” he said.
The SP said that Sohail, a former employee of the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation along with Farzana came to the house of his in-laws in the afternoon to collect his national identity card and the keys of his motorcycle.
“The man traded hot words with his in-laws, as he was furious over the registration of the kidnapping case against him,” he said.
“During the altercation, the man took out a pistol and threatened to kill his in-laws and himself if the case against him was not withdrawn and he opened fire when Farzana told him that he should kill her first,” he said and added that Sohail pointed the pistol to Farzana’s temple and pressed the trigger and then he shot himself dead.
The bodies were shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for medico-legal proceedings.
The police said that no case was to be registered as the suspected killer had committed suicide after the murder.
Source: Dawn