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Love or Devotion exhibition astonishes visitors

By: Ahtesham Azhar

KARACHI: Commune Artist Colony (CAC) organised an exhibition entitled ‘Love or Devotion’ of renowned young artist Akbar Ali at CAC premises on Saturday, which will continue till December 31. A large number of people, including prominent personalities of art sector, were present to experience the work of Ali.

On the occasion, 20 art pieces of Ali were on display. One of his paintings entitled ‘Pak America’ was depicting the undertones of sarcasm and paradox created by Ali through this piece of artwork. Another sculpture work entitled ‘Shab Daeg’ was depicting the culture of people, besides plans about future, which super power country knows only.

Super King I was a painting art piece of Ali expressing one man ruling the entire world. Self-assured was a fridge which was full of books expressing that human needs are different from wants.

Sara Bakhtiyar, Director CAC, said that Ali’s work seemed very simple at first sight, but has many hidden connotations. This was what sets his work apart and distinguishes his style of working. For this show, he has explored different mediums like miniature, painting, photography and installation. All the mediums beautifully execute his concept. She said, “Ali’s work can be seen as political and self reflective. His work questions the idea of people losing essence of living. Artworks put together for this show underline his concept of how God wanted us to work together for the betterment of each other and not be cut throat with each other.

Ali through his artwork nuances on how people manipulate each other to achieve the best stance in a self-set competition. The different series of work put together by Ali, for this show, seems to conclude that he works for his own enjoyment and for him it is not about a contest.”

Talking to Daily Times, Ali said, “We are all different personalities existing within a society. We try to fit in to be accepted or be rejected. By the same society that has molded us in the first place.” He said that he had tried to present differences of religions and regions.

On the event, CAC in collaboration with the artist also organised an art activity, initiating interaction between viewers and the artworks. In the art activity, each visitor coming to see the show had given a number for lucky draw. CAC announced 20 numbers of people who have received an artwork chosen by the artist done by Ali.

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