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Limits of media freedom

RECENTLY an abnormal baby was born in Gilgit. A private TV channel had telecast the visual continuously.

I would like to ask media experts a few questions. Is this not against human dignity?

WasnÂ’t this the familyÂ’s private matter? Does such exposure not increase the agony of the family concerned?

Is it wise to show the baby with gross abnormalities and incur something like a resemblance to an animal?

If we talk about media freedom or code of ethics, we should also try to reduce temptation to sensationalism.

Similarly many TV channels have been running footage of the lashing by the local police which is not new in our society. It is part of our ‘thana’ culture and many people are aware of it.

I blame our politicians for bringing us to this situation by forgetting the people once they came into power.

This third degree torture has been going on for the last 60 or so years.

The media is once again being used cleverly. There are many questions that come to mind regarding such reporting.

Who is providing all these footages? One footage has been recorded quite professionally.

I request the media personnel not to mislead their innocent viewers. While covering sensitive issues, there is great need to consider ethical norms; they should not allow themselves to breach their code of ethics.

Source: Dawn