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Licences for private TV channels to be granted next year

ISLAMABAD- The process of granting licences for operation of private TV channels is expected to start in January 2001. The rules for their operations would be approved by the cabinet at the end of this month, according to a senior official. “Once the formation of the Regulatory Authority for Media Broadcast Rambo) is completed by mid-November this year, private parties would be invited early next year to apply for operating TV channels in Pakistan,” the official said.

Under the rules, no one would be allowed to televise anything, which is against the religion and Pakistan he added.

He said the applications for operating private channels would be invited in January 2001. All 30 private parties, which have already submitted applications, would be required to apply afresh.

“The draft rules under which the operations of the private channels will be regulated would be laid before the cabinet at the end of this month,’ said the senior official. He said there would be five categories for which the parties would be allowed to apply for licences.

Advertisements for granting licences would appear early next year, he added. “There would not only be rules but a code of conduct which the private sector has to strictly observe,” he said.

The official said the new TV channels for news and current affairs would start within weeks. “Initially, transmission will be for 4 hours daily, but would be extended to round the clock.”

The private sector would also be allowed to have their own FM radio channels, the official said. The whole process for allocating airwaves to the private sector would be completed by next year.

“So much so, the existing FM stations will also be brought under the rules and regulations of Rambo,” he added.

He said the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation would open a new channel for news, current affairs and sports this month, as the PBC has completed its contract with international channels like BBC, VOA, VOG and others.

Source: The News