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LHC increases dower in love marriage case

LAHORE, April 09, 2005 The Lahore High Court before recognising the marriage of a couple, Shabana and Sarfaraz, from Sargodha, told the husband to increase the dower from Rs 5,000 to Rs 150,000. The judge said that it was the court’s responsibility to protect the woman’s interests.

Shabana had married Sarfraz secretly without the consent of her parents about a year ago. Sarfaz filed a habeas corpus to retrieve her from her parents’custody. Shabana said that she had consented to the marriage and wanted to go with Sarfaraz.

The court asked the petitioner if he would object to raising the dower and upon his consent set the dower at Rs 150,000. At this stage, the petitioner’s counsel objected and advised his client not to accept any suggestions from the court unless he felt that the increase in the dower was not too large.

The court rebuked the counsel for intervening in the matter, which was between the petitioner and the court. “This is not a shop. You are standing before a High Court and cannot bargain like a shopper”, retorted the court.

“If a husband is willing to increase the dower, his counsel cannot intervene. The woman is going with him leaving behind her relatives. If the man leaves her in a lurch, she might not have any option but to lead an immoral life,” the court said. The court reprimanded the lawyer for misleading his client.
Source: Daily Times