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Kashmir issue and human rights


IT was heart-wrenching to see significant figures from a host of arenas, including, particularly, politics, academics and media, proposing cordial relations with India, putting the Kashmir issue behind the curtain.

There is no doubt that an amicable relationship with India will bear fruition in economic spheres. However, the flip side must be meticulously considered. Essentially, we are prioritising a better economic outlook over our blood in the north.

Sad as it is, Indian forces continue to heedlessly violate the basic human rights of our fellow Kashmiris. We need to realise that the people of Kashmir are a part of us, and make their loss our sorrow and their triumph our win.

This perspective might seem a little tilted towards what is expected of a typical ‘fundo mullah’ and a narrow-minded one, but this actually is an attempt to foster a human-centric feeling, replacing an economy-centric selfish attitude.


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