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Karo-kari victim seeks recovery of spouse

KARACHI: Zahid Hussain Narejo, a youngster from Gambat, Khairpur, on Saturday filed a petition in the SHC, seeking recovery of his wife as well as protection for himself and the family. Narejo submitted that he had married Nadia Narejo in the City Court on April 27, 2012 and later filed a petition in the SHC for protection as his wife’s uncles and other relatives were threatening them with death. “The SHC ordered Sindh Police to provide me and my family with protection,” he claimed. “A few days later, my father-in-law Elahi Bux Narejo patched up with me and said that he wanted to take the girl home so that she could meet her family,” Narejo explained in the petition.

“However, after a few days, Bux and other influential persons of the area, including Amanullah Narejo, Rafique and Hasamuddin Shah held a Jirga in my village situated near Gambat,” he added. Talking to media after filing the petition, he said, “The Jirga has declared me a Kara and fined Rs 0.3m while my wife, Nadia has been sentenced to death after being declared a Kari.” Narejo further stated that Amanullah and Hasamuddin had hired professional killers to do away him.

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