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Karo Kari being promoted in Sindh


TANDO MOHAMMAD KHAN- The landlords, politicians, and police are equally involved in promoting the popular crime of Karo Kari in Upper Sindh. At least 90 persons were killed during the last eight months in the interior of Sindh on the pretext of inhuman act of honour killing, Karo-Kari. A survey conducted by The Nation revealed that Karo Kari has now become a trend in Sindh and these incidents are on the rise during last eight months.

Which claimed more than 90 lives including 63 women. The tragedy is that most of the women were killed by their own family members and close relatives such as fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, uncles, father-in-laws, brothers in-laws and others. The survey revealed that the real reason behind most cases of the Karo-Kari was matters of marital problem property and old enmity which the killers easily got released in the name of honour killing and mostly these cases were resolved by jirga system. it is the height of ignorance that sons killed their mothers in the name of honour killing.
Source: The Nation