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Karachi protests Western media excesse

KARACHI – Karachiites Friday expressed their enraged sentiments against reprinting of blasphemous caricatures and an anti-Islamic film by the Denmark newspapers and other western countries.

The City on Friday remained virtually paralysed due to strike call by different organisations as main shopping corridors of the city remained closed and thin presence of public transport was witnessed.

Various religious and business organisations organised the protest demonstration and rallies across the City against the reprinting of blasphemous caricature of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Danish newspapers that created anger among the Muslims across the Islamic world.

The strike call was mainly given by the Pasban, which was endorsed by several other organisations including business organisations. A few transport organisations also supported the call given by the Pasban and other organisations.

Almost all the main shopping centres, trade centres and markets of the city including Jhona market, Kharadar, Methdar, Joria Bazar, Saddar, Bohri Bazar, Khajoor Market, Motan Das market, Jama Cloth, Liaquatabad market, Tariq Road, Bahadurabad, Cloth market, Medicine market, Zaib-u-Nisa market, Electronics market and Sarafa Bazar have closed down; however the banks a few other offices in the industrial areas are remained open. The main demonstration had organised by the Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan with the support of various Ahle-Sunnat organisation outside the Karachi Press Club.

Angry protesters rallied across various parts of the metropolis, torched effigies of the Danish premier and the country’s flag condemning the publication of a blasphemous sketches and film against Islam.

Emotional protesters demanded the government to expel the Danish Ambassador from the country and snap diplomatic and trade relations with Denmark.

Jamat-e-Ahle Sunnat, Pasban, Sunni Tehreek, Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan, Business and traders organizations and several other organisations were held the demonstration from the various parts of the city after Friday prayers.

The speakers of the protest demonstrations have condemned the reprinting of the blasphemous caricatures, which hurt Muslim sentiments across the world.

They demanded the Organisation of Islamic Countries to cut-off their diplomatic and trade relations with those western countries that were involved in the republishing of profane caricatures and the film against Islam.

“We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the sanctity of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the supremacy of Islam”, the protestors chanted.

Meanwhile, the Jamat-e-Islami staged the protest demonstration at Defence phase2 against the Israeli operation against the innocent Palestinian peoples.

Addressing the protest demo, JI leaders strongly the state terrorism by Zionist Israel and said that after the US president Bush’s visit to Israel the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian peoples had increased.

They alleged that the US was behind the massacre of Palestinian peoples.
Source: The Nation