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Kamal vows to revive cinema culture in city

By Irfan Aligi

KARACHI: The non-stop news and debates about the war on terror has sickened the nation while the citizens of the city have been equally affected mentally. The people of the city have always had a liberal attitude despite the threats of untoward incidences erupting anywhere, at any time and the presence of extremist factions in the city.

Now the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of dedicated cinemas in every town so that the people of the city can come to comfortable venues for recreational activities along with their families. City Nazim Mustafa Kamal said this while addressing the audience at the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony held at a local hotel on Thursday.

The Haq Parast leadership of the present CDGK has paved the way to bring smiles back on the faces of the people by resolving their problems by establishing under passes and Signal Free Corridors, which have provided relaxation and removed mental agonies of traffic gridlocks, said Kamal.

Now, we have moved a step forward so that we can bring real happiness to our people. We already gave them, parks, playgrounds and now we shall give them cinemas. These dedicated cinemas would be strictly in line with the people’s needs related to food, shopping, recreational activities and comforts, added Kamal.

The CDGK has reached the conclusion that the war on terror has been boggling the minds of people and is 100 percent sure that the people have forgotten to how to watch entertainment programmes on private television channels. “I urge people to focus on entertainment programmes so that they are relaxed mentally and become more holistic to healthy jobs,” remarked Kamal.

The cinema accord has attracted an investment of US$ 10 million even during a situation where investors are fleeing from the country, development projects have come under retrenchments of necessary funds and above all the law and order situation at the national level has deteriorated rapidly, claimed Kamal.

“We should not stop our people from watching Bollywood movies, which are already being screened in our city’s cinemas because if they are banned, then people would look for other ways of satisfying themselves. Hence it is better that dedicated cinemas are established in the city and people should be allowed to have access to what they like,” said Kamal.

Pakistan has developed an atomic bomb and has scored various historical goals in different fields of operations, so the dead film industry can also be revolutionised, provided that the learned people come forward and play their role for the revival of the cinemas, suggested Kamal.

Source: Daily Times