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Kamal exhibition on Monday

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LAHORE: Kaal Hyat’s exhibition will open on Monday at the Alhamra Art Gallery.

His work can be described as a tapestry of varying moods and emotions. Kamal seems to be unaffected by the stereotypes of the art scene and contemporary fashions and has chosen his own path in terms of style.

The paintings offer a whole new world of expression in many ways. Some of the larger canvases have an air of despondency which perhaps reflects our times and all that is happening around us. In others the symbol of the bird appears in various forms, perhaps indicating a ray of hope for the future.

The most striking feature of the works on display is the freedom with which they have been executed. It is difficult to categorize Kamal’s paintings as belonging to a particular school, but the hallmark is that the style is instantly recognisable.

Prior to this, the artist has had several solo exhibitions of his paintings in Islamabad and Karachi, at the Nomad Gallery and the Chowkandi Art Gallery. He has been an active member of the Artists Association of Punjab since 1998 and has regularly displayed his paintings at their annual exhibition. He received his early training under the guidance of Moyene Najmi, who was one of the moving spirits of the modern art movement in Pakistan. Over the last few years his art has reached a new level of maturity which has enabled him to create a niche for his works with private collectors at home and abroad. The exhibition at the Alhamra will run from March 3rd to March 8th.

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