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Journalists boycott Larkana Assembly session

LARKANA: The journalists of Larkana walked out of district assembly session in Larkana to protest against the ruling from the acting convener of the assembly who asked the newsmen to leave the house so that an important matter could be discussed.

The ruling of the acting convener Zila Council Larkana, Athar Abbas Solangi, came just after the start of the session September 23. The convener sought the egress for newsmen, guests and all other non-members of the house to discuss an ‘important’ issue in the assembly. The convener also said that it was an in-camera session. This triggered protest from several members of the house and the newsmen. The members condemned the convener maintaining that there was no secret hidden from newsmen and that the house want to a tour programme of the members.

Several members of the house approached the protesting journalists and sought an apology for the remarks of the convener. However, the newsmen led by Larkana Press Club President Dr. Maula Bux Kalhoro, staged a boycott of thesession seeking an apology from the convener himself. Apa Naseem Khatoon Sahito, Apa Khursheed Khatian and several other members also joined newsmen in their boycott.

Later, the newsmen held an emergency meeting an argued that why in the first place the newsmen were invited to the session when there was a plan for any secret meeting or in-camera session. They also questioned the convening and status of the in-camera session by the acting convener Athar Abbas Solangi.
Source: The Star