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ZURICH, Sept. 25: The City of Zurich and Zurich’s Tourism Office will award the international Living Zurich Media Award in the year 2008.

The award for journalists is presented under the slogan “We are living Zurich” and honors reports that find Zurich’s lifestyle principle in Switzerland and around the globe to eventually bring it to life in journalistic works. The journalists are invited to participate with their print, radio, television, online and image products first published between January 1, 2007 and February 29, 2008.

The prize money to be disbursed by the Living Zurich Media Award totals EUR 26,000. Selection of information on the city of Zurich and vicinity: facts, figures, details, stories and quotes, image material and links, resources for information and contact addresses are compiled on the e-media centre, which can be accessed at

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Source: Pakistan Press International (PPI News Agency)