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Journalist Anwer Pirzado remembered

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KARACHI: Speakers at the seventh death anniversary of poet and journalist Anwer Pirzado on Tuesday discussed his multifaceted personality and recalled how he depicted a story which haphazardly began in the middle and ended with `a complete sense of incompletion`.

`He was a lover…of Sindh, the Indus and (Shah Abdul Latif) Bhital. He was a progressive Sindhi,` said veteran nationalist politician Rasool Bux Palijo, who presided overthe meeting organised by the Anwer Pirzado Academy at the Arts Council of Pakistan.

The programme was held to discuss different aspects of Mr Pirzado, who opted to live a self-governing life after his services as a pilot officer from Pakistan Air Force were terminated reportedly for writing a letter with proShaikh Mujeebur Rehman observations from East Pakistan.

Besides, a collection of his columns published in the evening newspaper The Star during 1986-1990, titled `Sindh scenario`, was also launched on the occasion.Mr Palijo said Mr Pirzado remained an `alive soul` throughout his life, while `many known revolutionaries have now become moving dead bodies`.

`We need more people like Anwer. He was a restless soul, who never lacked the commitment to do good for the suffering people of Sindh,` said Mr Palijo in a rare appearance after a prolonged absence from literary scene.

Poet Imdad Hussaini said Mr Pirzado had many dimensions. `He was at the same time a communist and a Sufi.

He followed the tradition ofShah Inayat, who formed the first commune in the 17th century, more than 100 years before Marx penned his communist philosophy,` he said.

Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, a provincial lawmaker belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional and formerly a TV anchor and bureaucrat, said Mr Pirzado was among the `crazy-three` who was part of a dangerous expedition of the Indus, which she had organised when she was a culture department secretary.

She lauded his sons for single-handedly forming and running the academy ontheir own and publishing several books of their father`s.

Poet Dr Adal Soomro read out an article on Mr Pirzado`s contribution to the history of the Sindhi Adabi Sangat while Bedil Masroor, a former TV producer and singer, spoke about the writer`s role as a TV anchor and efforts to record revolutionary poetry.

Journalist Mazhar Abbas, who worked in The Star with Mr Pirzado, talked about the changing values of journalism and the political scenario of Sindh. Mr Pirzado`s son Amar read out a moving piece depicting a father`s affection for his children.


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