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Journalism: teachers and research writing

By: Jawed Ahmed Khursheed

Karachi: TEACHERS and researchers associated with the profession of teaching journalism have done little for their students to enlighten them on what is currently happening in the West as far as new theories and terminologies of journalism, in particular, and advertising, in general, are concerned.

What the teachers of the mass communication department in universities do is to teach the curriculum they had when they were students.

The teachers of mass communication should have to pay heed to translations of new theories in Urdu and carry out researches in the latest trends and techniques of media strategies.

I would like to draw the attention of the teachers of mass communication to the need for them to write articles on new theories of mediascapes and translate what is necessary in terms of latest trends of mass communication through which monolingual students and teachers can benefit a lot.

The teachers of mass communication should kick off a tradition of hard work through their writings as many Higher Education Commission-recognized research journals will welcome their writings, research, review articles and translations.