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Journalism loses a budding reporter

INTRODUCTION: Everyone in this world has to taste death some day; however, the sudden demise of a young, charming, energetic and exuberant person always comes as a shock to their heirs, friends and well-wishers. The news of Haris Hanif Tayyab’s demise was almost unbelievable for his fellows, but then people realized that they had no other option but to accept the harshest reality of the world. Haris was a committed journalist, an obedient son, loyal friend, trustworthy colleague and a helpful fellow. Sacrificing a white-collar job for his passion, he initiated his journalistic career from a leading news agency. He was an active reporter on health and environment beats, having won a number of awards for his contribution in the environmental sector.

Besides, he became a prominent, knowledgeable and vigilant journalist on civic issues who broke several stories. The quality that bestowed Haris with an edge, grace and dignity was that contrary to the ongoing practice of a majority of professionals, he used to guide and support newcomers openheartedly. He always used to guide juniors when others got fed up of their queries. Haris was very popular among his peers for having a vibrant personality. He used to welcome everyone with a graceful smile. At the same time, his personality was a beautiful blend of vigorous and collected aspects.

FAMILY: Haris was very decent since his early childhood. He was a very hard working boy who never used to express pain in front of the family members even after a minor accident that lead to developing severe neurological complications that eventually resulted in his demise. He had received much applause from the teachers during schooling. Haris was active and responsible and always supported his family members. He never gave me a chance to complain while his death has created a huge gap, one that cannot be fulfilled.
Muhammad Hanif

My brother always used to support everyone, but never share his own problems as he thought it may result in stress for the relatives and well-wishers. He was confident, caring and soft-spoken. He used to take care of younger siblings like a father. Although he is not among us, he will always be in our memories.

Muhammad Mohsin
Younger brother

COLLEAGUES: I found Haris extremely focused on his goals throughout his tenure with the Daily Times. I was the one who interviewed him for the job while he turned out to be one of the best team members onboard. He was very soft spoken and humble. A short span of time, and he produced wonderful results through his committed reporting. He was an asset for journalism as well as the Daily Times. His untimely death has left a void in the Daily Times, which will not be filled. We will always miss him.

Yousaf Rafique
Resident Editor
Daily Times, Karachi

I was shocked when I received a call from office that Haris is no more among us. Haris always performed his duties ably and in a positive and constructive manner. He was a good reporter of his beats that included environment and health. He always brought facts to the people while reporting environment and health-related matters. Haris was a duty-conscious, principled and committed journalist. Almighty Allah to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage and fortitude to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.
Abdul Majid
City Editor Karachi

Haris was a very hard working and committed reporter. Being neighbours, we often used to see each other. After his accident, I often tried to persuade him for proper treatment ending up scolding him once. He had a nice and polite personality and always used to respond with a smile. His death was a shock to me. May Allah Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace?

Arshad Hussain
Business Editor

That incomparable simplicity and soft voice with innocent eyes while taking cues about stories are deeply crafted in my memory. I know parents can’t recoup from such a huge loss, but still I pray to Allah to give Haris’ bereaved parents the strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss.

Bilal Ghazi
Sub-Editor/Business section

Haris Tayyab was a sober person having many inborn qualities of a bold journalist. He was passionate, creative and hardworking journalist who was always busy in searching and developing stories on different issues of public interests. Being a budding journalist, he was conferred many reputed awards in the early career which showed his quality of work and passion to produce extraordinary pieces of writing.

Muhammad Yasir
Senior Reporter

He was a fantastic and hardworking person with a positive attitude. He surely had the potential to escalate further in the field of journalism. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.

Razi Syed
Business Reporter

I can describe the person in two words – humble and kind. Very few people have the ability to easily adjust in any environment, and yes, Haris was one of the few. I will miss the guy dearly. May Allah give his family the courage to endure this irreparable loss! Ameen.

Tanveer Sher
Business Reporter

Haris’ demise at such a young age came as shock to me. In my capacity, I found him a humble and down to earth guy. He was a promising journalist who had much to contribute to the field. May Allah (SWT) rest his soul in eternal peace and bestow the family with strength to bear the irreparable loss.

Hannan Khan

Haris was not only a friend, a senior colleague but also a teacher to me. He was working at the PPI news agency when I initiated my career from the same platform. He was there with all support he had to offer whenever I needed one. Being the junior-most journalist at the PPI, I often used to irk my seniors with queries. Although, several fellows used to get bothered by my questions, Haris always used to respond with affection.

Asad Farooq
FRIENDS: Haris was a very good person with his brilliant social personality and a bright mind. He was a cooperative colleague. Every staff member was a friend with him. He became a very good pal of mine within a very short span of time. He always used to wear a pleasant smile. Allah Almighty gave him very unique qualities. When I first heard the news, I couldn’t believe it. A few days ago he had called me for advice in buying a laptop.

Muhammad Asif
Technical Support Engineer

Haris was no doubt a great person. He was an energetic and competitive journalist who seemed active in field. We used to bother him a lot, but he never got annoyed. It is worth mentioning here that Haris never compromised his self-esteem and always remained determinant not to disturb others with his personal problems. He never even approached his fellows after his accident, nor did he approach them during the painful illness and complications he went through.

Hamid Urrehman
Health journalist and Haris’ friend

A kind of person who did not used to get informal in a few encounters, Haris was a very nice friend of mine. He was facing complications after his accident but never complained. His death is a big loss to me.

Umair Bin Riaz
Voice of America, friend of Haris

Civil society: Haris, a brilliant young boy, was like a son to me. The way he performed his duties showed extreme desire for learning. He gained expertise in his field in a very short span of time. Haris’ attitude was ideal with his high-ups and fellows. Our entire staff is in deep sorrow and grief over his untimely demise.

Shafqat Soomoro
PPI Karachi Bureau Chief

I learnt much from Haris. Being our senior colleague, he always used to guide and support us. He was the most decent, well-dressed and well-mannered of us.
Muhammad Bilal Tahir
Reporter at Business Recorder

It’s hard to believe that Haris is no more amongst us. He was a brilliant fellow journalist and an asset for Karachi Union of Journalist. He utilized his abilities in a very effective manner for contributing in the journalism sector in his short span of life. May Allah Almighty rest his soul in heaven and provide his heirs with courage to bear the great loss.
Afzal Mohsin
KUJ-D President and senior journalist

Haris was great as a human being. He was a positive thinker, who always took issues with a positive approach. He highlighted the genuine demands and issues of society. Being a health journalist, Haris used to take active part in creating awareness about health issues among masses. Haris wrote effective articles on dengue fever, after which solid measures were made at the public sector level. Similarly he wrote features on disadvantages of billboards. He contributed to resolving grievances of common man. I pray Allah Almighty to shower his blessings on the departure soul and bestow his family with courage to bear the irreparable loss.

Dr Qaiser Sajjad
Senior leader of PMA

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