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Jinnah Hospital DMS held for wife’s murder

By Abdul Manan

Doctor says wife may have tired of dealing with son’s struggle with cancer

LAHORE: A Jinnah Hospital doctor has been accused by his in-laws of killing his wife.

The Johar Town police station has registered a case on the complaint of the woman’s brother, Zafar Abbas, and arrested Dr Yadullah, the deputy medical superintendent in charge of the Emergency Ward at Jinnah Hospital.

Dr Yadullah, and his wife, 33-year-old Fizza Ghazanfar have two children, a four-year-old son who is suffering from cancer, and a six month-old.

Abbas told The Express Tribune that Dr Yadullah at around 9.30pm told him that his sister had died from a cardiac arrest.

He immediately rushed to Jinnah Hospital and after a while the family took the body of his sister home, where an aunt discovered bruising on his sister’s neck.

Zafar said he confronted Dr Yadullah about these and demanded an explanation. He said Dr Yadullah now claimed that his wife had actually died from an electric shock.

Later still, he said, Dr Yadullah told him that his wife had committed suicide, that he to break down a closed door and had found his wife hanging from the neck by a rope.

Zafar said he became suspicious and filed a FIR with the police.

He said that Dr Yadullah and his sister had been married for nearly five years.

He recalled that his sister and the doctor would often quarrel with one another and on many an occasion he had had to help them reconcile. He said that his sister had accused Dr Yadullah of having an affair with another woman, whom she said he often called or texted even in front of her.

According to Zafar, when his sister insisted that the doctor refrain from contacting this woman, he responded by beating her up.

She had strict instructions not to attend his phone or check the text messages he received.

Zafar said that his sister had recently told him that Dr Yadullah was planning on taking another wife.

Jinnah Hospital’s chief executive Dr Javed Akram told The Express Tribune that Dr Yadullah was a competent doctor.

He said that the doctor had shifted to the official residential colony of the hospital. Dr Akram said that none of Dr Yadullah’s neighbours had reported anything unseemly happening at their home. He said that he had himself investigated the matter and could not find any evidence of domestic violence alleged against Dr Yadullah.

Dr Akram said that initially Dr Yadullah had told his colleagues at the hospital that his wife had passed away from a cardiac arrest.

Later, however, he said that his wife had committed suicide. Dr Akram said he had asked him why he had fabricated the earlier story and was told that he did not want people to know that she had killed herself.

He speculated that his wife could no longer deal with their son’s battle with cancer and had chosen to end her life to be spared the misery.

Inspector Muhammad Anwar Cheema in charge of investigation at Johar Town police station told the The Express Tribune that the police were waiting for the autopsy report before taking the investigation any further.
Source: The Express Tribune