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Japanese film festival begins from 28th

ISLAMABAD: Japan-Pakistan Friendship Fest 2007 begins with the inauguration of Japanese Film Festival on August 28 at a local hotel. Pakistan-Japan Cultural Associations (PCJA) and MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP) present the Film Festival with the support of the Japan’s Embassy.

Four films would be screened during the festival each of which makes important social and political comments. The films to be screened are: Hidden Blade, Water Boys, Swing Girls and The Face of Jizo.

‘The Hidden Blade’ is set in 1861 when Japan was facing revolutionary changes in its Samurai class and shows the struggle as the hero is caught between social obligations and personal ideals.

‘The Face of Jizo’ is set in post-Hiroshima Japan where a young librarian, Mitsue, lives in terror caused by the war, particularly during the bombing of Hiroshima.

The film plumbs the depths of her despair as she experiences survivor’s guilt after her family and friends have died.

On a lighter note, ‘Water Boys’ and ‘Swing Girls’ are films designed for the young generation where ordinary students succeed at what they set out to do. In ‘Water Boys’, Suzuki, a member of the High School Swim Team succeeds in organising a special swimming show without a coach and a pool to practice in. In ‘Swing Girls’, the students of a country high school succeed in forming a jazz band. While learning to play music they grow as individuals. The Japan-Pakistan Friendship Fest 2007 will include the Japan Children Art Competition and Speech Contest, an exhibition of Japanese calendars and an Ikebana workshop.
Source: Daily Times